Our history

Designation as a closed facility

IDENTXX GmbH was successfully recognized as a closed facility or quarantine station according to Art. 60 for work according to Art. 8, Art. 48, Art. 49 and Art. 58 of Regulation (EU) 2016/2031.

Portfolio expansion | Marker-assisted selection

In addition to traditional phenotypic selection, modern plant breeding is increasingly relying on molecular methods. IDENTXX supports vine breeders with the analysis of genetic markers for the development of fungus-resistant vines

Portfolio expansion | RNA analysis

In modern plant research, questions relating to gene expression and transcript analysis are becoming increasingly important. IDENTXX GmbH has therefore consistently expanded its range of methods in this direction.  

Unique scaling!

The DNA analysis of large-volume samples (> 1 g of material used) is a unique methodological service from IDENTXX GmbH. With their help, collected leaf samples from wheat, barley, corn or rapeseed, for example, can be quantitatively tested for pathogens.

Ready for the future!

IDENTXX GmbH receives approval to carry out S1 work.

Research projects

Since its founding, IDENTXX GmbH has been a sought-after partner for research projects. QWERT ” and “ PhytoDiag projects, the company is involved in two innovative projects.

Consequential expansion

One of the central claims of IDENTXX GmbH is to translate our customers' needs into analytical services. We have therefore supplemented the molecular tests for herbicide resistance with greenhouse bioassays.

In addition, IDENTXX will be a cooperation partner in the “ Mauke

IDENTXX GmbH – The spirit of research becomes entrepreneurial reality

After a three-year intensive concept phase, the idea became an operational company.

In addition to the move to Maybachstrasse 50 in Stuttgart, the range of services was expanded to include resistance analysis of arable herbs. In order to make the realignment visible, PathoScan GbR became IDENTXX GmbH.

Since then, Dr. Frank Brändle was the main force in the role of managing partner.

PathoScan GbR - Proof of concept of the idea

The Leimotive of offering tailor-made molecular services for plant production began with the development of an initial pilot project for the PCR-based detection of downy mildew fungi. The concept impressed the jury of the “Young Innovators” state funding program run by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. Thanks to the funding commitment, PathoScan GbR, based at the University of Hohenheim, was founded.