Modern plant production is in a continuous state of change. With our molecular-biological-analytical services we support you to improve your ability to master this challenge.

Modern crop production is constantly changing. With our molecular biological analytical services, we help you to master this challenge better.

Plant Science is our mission

DNA analyses make your crop production more plannable, efficient and environmentally friendly

Molecular biological tests allow a close look in the plant. Plant-damaging microorganisms can be detected as well as information about the plant itself.

From small leaf sections to seeds to leaf collection samples, many things can be used for DNA analysis.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of your production!

Our methods

Our mission is to answer your questions.

What you can expect from us

IDENTXX GmbH has been successfully operating in the field of plant analytics for over 10 years. Our customers include local producers as well as national and international plant breeders, research institutions and large companies.

Every customer has his own ideas and challenges, every plant species has its own characteristics and evolutionary history. No automated analysis process can handle such a complex variety. Therefore, together with you, we select the best method for the solution. Here we can fall back on over 200 self-developed DNA tests. If that is not enough, we will develop new systems in dialogue with you or adapt existing ones.

IDENTXX owes its exceptional position to the skill and care of its employees .

Perfection is not just a matter of technique; What distinguishes our "molecular manufactory" is above all the motivation to work with head, heart and hand for the "plant" system.