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Secure Pathogen Diagnosis - Modern Target Site Resistance Detection

With state-of-the-art biomolecular methods the company IDENTXX contributes to sustain and improve crop health and to avoid crop damage and yield losses.

For our customers we develop tailor-made solutions for fast and secure detection and identification systems of plant pathogens and herbicide resistances in seeds as well as plants. In both of our divisions, Crop Protection and Weed Science, we develop specific PCR-primers for which latest biomolecular methods are applied. Individual designed primers then are used in our homemade PCR-applications and for pyrosequencing. We use our own developed methods which are individually and continuously improved and adapted to the problem at hand.

IDENTXX runs its own laboratory in Stuttgart, South Germany and manages greenhouse areas under direction of experienced specialists since March 2009. This enables application assays of the latest biomolecular technologies in combination with classical greenhouse testing. In the field of Crop Protection, besides primer development and phytopathogene identification we also develop our own DNA- and RNA-based detection systems. Additionally, in the field of Weed Science besides greenhouse monitoring we are able to offer PCR-techniques and pyrosequencing for detection of target site resistances (TSR).

The services of IDENTXX benefit clients in the sectors of agricultural production of arable and special crops as well as ornamentals. Our key role lies in the scope of improving seed production, plant breeding, development of plant protection products, and is targeting agricultural associations and public authorities. If we should have aroused your interest, then do not hesitate to contact us for a personal conversation. We would be pleased to develop an individual quotation for your specific needs.