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Pathogen Diagnosis

Plant diseases are caused by a broad range of pathogens like fungi, bacteria and viruses. In order to prevention yield losses and to enhance crop health, clean and pathogen-free seeds, soil and transplants are crucial. During growth of the plant, pathogen infestations have to be determined as early as possible. So far, disease detection mostly relies on visible symptoms. However, the plants could be infected without showing symptoms, i.e. the disease is latent. Secure and efficient pathogen detection in this state of disease avoids consequential damages and an avoidable use of chemicals for plant protection.

In order to diagnose a disease caused by any phytopathogen at a very early stage, IDENTXX uses it’s the high sensitivity of its own biomolecular, PCR-based methods. Besides, IDENTXX realizes specific identification systems to discriminate between closely related organisms as wells as fungicide resistances. Hence, our customers will receive the maximum information about a specific pathogen respectively its resistance mechanism at an early stage of plant colonization or evolution.

Knowledge about the incidence and species of a pathogen in soil, seed or plant provides important criteria for crop management and crop protection measurements; the damage can be prevented and the use of pesticides can be reduced and optimized. Thereby, IDENTXX supports agricultural associations and public authorities, as well as consultants in their decision making process and contributes to an optimized development of plant protection products.

With its expertise in precise and fast pathogen detection, IDENTXX offers vital information for seed certification and efficacy tests of plant protection products. Furthermore, our services include the assessment of agricultural experimental fields regarding soil-borne pathogens and thereby increase the quality and significance of the results of field trials.