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Herbicide Resistance Diagnosis

Successful herbicide performance is affected by different factors, such as timing, the proper use of additives, use of correct rates, and application technique. Besides, in a number of cases weed control failure is related to herbicide resistance. At present the most problematic weed species associated with herbicide resistance to ACCase- (acetyl-CoA carboxylase) and ALS-inhibitors (acetolactate synthase) in intensive wheat growing areas of Europe is blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides). Additionally, an increasing number of biotypes of Apera spica-venti and Lolium sp. are evolving resistance to ALS- and ACCase-inhibitors.

IDENTXX offers several products for the diagnosis of target-site resistance (TSR) and metabolic resistance in different plant species. Besides classical greenhouse monitoring we use modern detection systems (pyrosequencing) to detect molecular changes in genes of resistant plant biotypes. We continuously and upon your request develop new specific tests for further weed species.

The service of IDENTXX supports decision making processes for herbicide development and agricultural consultancy, which results in a successful and sustainable use of herbicides in agriculture. Therefore, we combine modern molecular genetics with expertise and experience in applied weed science.