Modern detection system to identify CLEARFIELD® rape

In order to distinguish susceptible oilseed rape from resistant CLEARFIELD® oilseed rape, IDENTXX offers an analytical service for fast and secure identification.

In autumn 2012 CLEARFIELD® winter oilseed rape was introduced in Germany. The CLEARFIELD® system consists of ALS-inhibiting herbicides and conventionally bred high-yielding cultivars, resistant to ALS-inhibitors, due to a target side resistance (TSR). Therefore, the CLEARFIELD® system, allows an easy way to control several problematic weeds, e.g. Capsella bursa-pastoris, Sisymbrium officinale or Raphanus raphanistrum in oilseed rape.

IDENTXX offers an analytical service for leaf and seed samples and provides fast and secure results.

CLEARFIELD® is a registered trademark of BASF