Extention of our services: Detection of ALS-resistances in additional dicot plant species

Herbicide resistance is a spreading problem becoming more serious not only in "common" weeds, but also in additional species. Early detection and precise identification of target side resistances (TSR) helps to develop and implement suitable measures to prevent dispersal. Therefore, IDENTXX developed detection systems for ALS-resistance in several weed species.

  • Sinapis arvensis

  • Centaurea cyanus

  • Galium aparine

  • Setaria viridis

  • Sorghum halapense

  • Echinochloa crus-galli

Further weed species and TSR-analyses are under development. Please let us know if you have special interests in certain plants or TSRs. We will develop detection systems that fit your requirements. Just contact us at cornelia [dot] koecher [at] identxx [dot] com.